How can I look cute and presentable? And is my makeup too light?

tonight my grandmother is throwing a dinner party and my family is going. a lot of my grandmother's old lady friends will be there so I have to look presentable and modest.

one of her friends has the cutest grandson and he's going to be there. he's nice, my age, and single, so I want to look good for him as well.

what can I wear that is appropriate but still pretty?

also I did my makeup already but I'm wondering if it's too light. it's champagne shadow with black eyeliner on the top lashline and black mascara.


i was just going to wear it with pink lip gloss. is it OK or should I do something else?

my hair looks best down and curly (it's shoulder length) so that's what I'm going to do. but what about hair and makeup? I need help!

oops I meant clothes and makeup, haha.


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  • you should wear more makeup but on the natrual side. and maybe thicker eyeliner just abit.


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  • your hair and makeup sounds/looks great :) do you have a nice summery dress you can wear? or a relatively modest skirt and top?


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