Why did my heart beat faster?

So there is a guy who is a mutual friend. I speak to him through Facebook and MSN quite a bit. We did meet last Thursday when he was invited to a movie night so I didn't feel like a third wheel. He never really spoke to me there though and I found that there were things he done that slightly irritating however I did have a headache and was a little tired.

So I wouldn't say I like him. Yet, when I passed him today my heart got faster. I don't know if its because I might subconsciously like him a little or if its because I'm shy and wasn't sure how to react (do I make eye contact... do I say hello? etc) when he passed

So basically, what's your opinion on this?


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  • From my experience, I would say your heart started beating faster because you probably got a little nervous by seeing him especially because things seemed a little awkward from before. It's OK to say hi to him or make eye contact. And mayb he acted the way he did because he was nervous too.

  • i think you might be overreacting to this

    • i probably am :P I tend to over think and over analyse things

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