Admitting you were wrong...What is the percentage rate of this?

if you liked a guy and he liked him back. you both made a mistake and now its all attitude but can't face each other because he said he feel guilty and wrong and that he shouldn't did the girl like that. now he has a gf...been talking to the girl since March around the time he was talking to the other girl. what if the other girl found out she was pregnant? would most guys come back or stay with their girlfriend? I usually see most guys leaving their girlfriends to be with the child and girl. I always here different things..but what would be the respectful way for a guy to handle it knowing you were in the wrong and admitted it?


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  • I wouldn't go back just because the girl was pregnant. I'd definitely support my child and be part of his/her life, but I'm not obligated to leave somebody I like for a relationship that didn't work out in the first place.

    • we wasn't even together just friends...been knowing each other for about 4 years this year was the first year I paid attention to him. we was friends with benefits (big mistake). I liked him way too lot and now everything he did came to the light. I don't think he feel bad like he say he do but I see most men return to their babymama to make things right...cuz karma be at the door waiting

    • That is a much different situation than I thought. I suppose there is a chance he might end up coming back, but because I don't know him, or the extent of your friendship, I wouldn't want to speculate too far on that.

    • i sent you a request to be my friend

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