Need clothing style advice...

It seems like their are limited styles for guys. So my question is what styles are their other then the cacki's and polo (I don't like because I feel like I'm dressed like every other guy. Emo is just not my style. Neither is the skateboard clothing. I currently go for the atheletic style but I'm looking to change it. So is their a inbetween style or one I'm missing? What is your favorite style on a guy?


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  • the style you have is already good but personally I like the guys who wear a t shirt and not really picky about my guy's clothing. just nothing too over-the-top and nothing too worn-out.


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  • I personally really like skinny jeans but not like... Too skinny kinda baggy if you know what I mean and a tshirt or like a plad button up shirt always seems too look good on most guys


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