Why do guys keep reappearing?

I've dated quite a few men online, and I'm starting to notice a pattern. We'll talk through text for a while, possibly go on a date or two, but I don't meet up with most. After a while, they'll disappear. Sometimes it's only a month, other times it's more like six. But then, out of no where, they'll send me a text. I usually have no idea who it is, because I delete their number if things weren't going anywhere. I haven't slept with or done anything sexual with these guys. I can't figure out why they keep reappearing. It's pretty annoying, especially since I'm usually seeing someone when they do text me.

Why do they do this? And how do I tell them I'm not interested in talking, nicely?


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  • The Reason

    They have been distracted by another promising "lead" in their quest to either find a Girlfriend or FB. When that lead plays out or they are told to hit the road, they immediately return to their last, but less promising leads ... while they mine for fresh leads on the side. They are always mining several leads and rating them, giving prime time to the "best" changes they have.

    Not Interested

    The #1 response that meets your criteria would be

    I have a big muscular rich Boyfriend now - he's very jealous and I better close quickly now before he finds out I'm writing this , and gets your name. This keeps you in the game, should you wish to revive it later on.

    The #2 response would be to exchange photos (more fun if they send you theirs first), then dig up a photo of the ugliest gal possible to send. If you still have a contact after that, begin asking STD questions - how to cure them.


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  • I would imagine they are probably at a lost cause and feeling lonely perhaps, or just drunk...

    Do they disappear from you? or do you finish with them? I guess if it's them walking away, they might feel that they have a chance with you. either way just be honest. don't be too nice about it or that will give them false hope.

  • Just send them a text saying that they must have a wrong number, or maybe they meant to contact the phone numbers previous owner.


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  • It's online dating, it's shady. they could have been married, in between girls, looking for a hookup, etc

    • You can get that with meeting someone in person, too . . . Lol.

    • yeah, but it's easier to come across those guys online

    • Everyone's entitled to their own opinion I guess. I don't find that to be true, though.

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