Which style of charm bracelet do you prefer?

Personally, I like the traditional style. I love dangly jewelry and the charms are more fun and personalized. And let's not forget, way cheaper! The Pandora style can be cute with the right beads, but I don't like them as much as the traditional style and I think they're way overpriced!
  • Traditional (bracelet with links and hanging charms)
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  • Beads (Pandora style)
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I always thought charm bracelets were different from the rest because of the dangly charms. Pandora bracelets look like any other beaded bracelet to me. Traditional all the way.

    • I agree! I could buy a kids bead kit and making something similar for way less money lol

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  • I prefer stainless steel bracelet. steel is a naturally strong alloy and Stainless steel is known for its masculinity. Apart from the physical beauty, there are some stainless steel bracelets from ZuoBiSi Jewelry Wholesale Store Ltd that are magnetic and have health benefits.

  • I agree. I like the traditional more. Who would have thought I would agree to you? hahahaaa

  • Beads are pretty

  • I like both a lot, but I like the pandora style much better. but it's so much expensive. I couldn't believe how mmuch one little bead cost

    • Yeah it's pretty ridiculous. I've seen some go for over $1000! People are crazy...

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