Which style of charm bracelet do you prefer?

Personally, I like the traditional style. I love dangly jewelry and the charms are more fun and personalized. And let's not forget, way cheaper! The Pandora style can be cute with the right beads, but I don't like them as much as the traditional style and I think they're way overpriced!

  • Traditional (bracelet with links and hanging charms)
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  • Beads (Pandora style)
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I always thought charm bracelets were different from the rest because of the dangly charms. Pandora bracelets look like any other beaded bracelet to me. Traditional all the way.

    • I agree! I could buy a kids bead kit and making something similar for way less money lol

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  • I agree. I like the traditional more. Who would have thought I would agree to you? hahahaaa

  • Beads are pretty

  • I like both a lot, but I like the pandora style much better. but it's so much expensive. I couldn't believe how mmuch one little bead cost

    • Yeah it's pretty ridiculous. I've seen some go for over $1000! People are crazy...

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