Do mothers let pretty daughters wear more makeup and buy more clothes than a plain or ugly one?

Do you think that mothers will natutally let their pretty daughters have more freedom to focus on their beauty by letting them buy whatever makeup they want, wear revealing clothes, and will give them a little bit more leeway into thwir promiscuity than say for an average looking or ugly daughter?

do mothers actually dissuade their average looking daughters from concentrating on makeup and clothes?

I don't know whether I'm attractive or not, but my mom disapproves when I try to put on any kind of makeup or am caught looking at fashion magazines...

My mother makes me feel like the ugliest piece of crap in the world. I've nevr done anything promiscuous or ever had a boyfriend ( I'm 22), but she treats me like I'm not entitled to make myself look pretty... I don't feel sexy or girlie and it's ruining my self esteem... I get really envious and jealous of other college aged girls my age getting boyfriend after boyfriend and partying in nightclubs...

Why are some mothers so lenient with their daughters decision to put on tons of makeup and buy tons of clothes while other moms look scornful when their daughter is caught buying something as essential as makeup concealor?


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  • I don't think so. I think this has to do with your mom's hang ups, rather than your own looks.

    • WHat do you mean by hangups?

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    • yes to both... I noticed she has Gotten more mean and pessimisstic as she's getting older

    • So, that's the problem. It's not you, it's her!

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  • Your mothers just being an a**hole, man. Anyway, your twenty two years of age, have some f***ing guts. Make yourself pretty if you want to feel pretty, sexy if you wanna feel sexy, and if your mother gives you sh*t for it just say "Quit flappin' ya lip, old hag!"

    And people bring up that 'she pays for her house meals petrol tuition', if she'd hold that over your head, your better off out of there anyway. Your 22, not 12, you can make it.

    • Well, I dunno... Older people I get to interact with like my teachers or school counselors assume that I'm still living wih my parents... Maybe they sense an immaturity in me or something... Anyways, id love to move out of this sh*thole if only I had the money and guts

    • Well yeah, I think there is an immaturity, since you still let your mother tell you how much makeup you can wear.There's only so much bad parenting can excuse, you know.

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  • No I don't think that at all. My mom wouldn't let me wear make up until I got older because she was overprotective, but she never had a problem telling me why she did the things she did, and it never bothered me anyway, I was a tomboy.

  • I don't know but I don't think the problem is you, the problem is your mother.

  • Tell your mom to get a life.

  • i would think the opposite. they would want their ugly ones to dress up more


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