Should I call him tomorrow?

Today, guy from the UPS brought new shoes I ordered from the Internet.

We were flirting, he said I have beautiful voice and he asked if he could call me sometimes... I smiled and replied "anytime!" ...After 10 minutes he called and we were talking for a while, he said he just finished so he could come to talk a little .. I had to go to town with my mother so he asked me to call him anytime I would like to...

Now the question is ... Should I wait a few days or call him tomorrow?

Thank you guys :*


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  • call him tomorrow


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  • It depends on whether you want to let him know that you like him or if you really like him. Don't base yourself on what the rules tell you, you must base yourself on how you feel.


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  • Since he called you 10 minutes right after you gave him your number, I think it's okay to call him tomorrow if you want.

    • thank you for your answer :)

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