How do I get over my boyfriend's ex?

My boyfriend and I have known each other for two years,

He is my first serious boyfriend and I am having trouble getting over his past girl. He wasn't really dating her nor in a relationship, I guess it was a "hookup" deal, they texted each other for a bit then he slept with her. I knew about it in the beginning of our relationship and I didn't care because it wasn't any of my business. But now, we've been in a relationship for a year and now I'm starting to get really jealous over this past girl. Long story short we were cleaning his room and I found a couple pics of her. I'm afraind he's in love with her... What do I do?
Thanks guys. I've avoided the subject of her because I guess he doesn't like to talk about it. I feel weird because I don't want to be invasive and straight up ask if he still likes her. Worst part is we have the same name and she skinnier and prettier than me. Although he's said he loves me for who I am, I still feel like I'm in competition with her or something...


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  • they could be old pics that he could care less about. I have pics of my ex in my old room, if something happened to them I wouldn't give a damn. It just depends if he still talks to her and such


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  • straight up ask him why does he have the pics?

  • Show him your better then her get a new style and stuff make him jelouse


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