Do you men or boys prefer long hair?

Do you men or boys prefer long hair? Or can short hair be attractive too? Blondes or Brunettes? Even if she's not naturally blonde,but it still looks nice on her?

***What is the most annoying/ typical subject a girl brings up to talk about?


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  • Long hair. I would rather date a 6 with long hair over a 10 with short hair. I don't care if they dye their hair or if it is a natural color. It makes no difference to me. Hair color isn't important to me.

    Most annoying subject would be, really hot male celebrities, that most of us guys will never be able to compete with.

    • I just HAVE to comment! Girls feel like that to! Awhile back, I was in a cute guys room, and he had posters of all these big-boobed, skanky dressed models over cars, motarcycles, and wearing bunny/lingere suits. And I was like ' How on earth can I compete with that?' Its all smoothed over now. Sorry, but I had to tell that story! :D

    • I understand where you are coming from.

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  • Long hair looks better on most girls, but not all. Hair color looks different on different girls. You just have to try different looks and see what looks best on YOU. Every girl is different.

  • Me personally, I prefer long blond hair.


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