Style tips - Sporty?

I need some style tips for a sporty look. I wanna look like a musical actress. If you post some shops or so on please if possible english shops...


Ps. I'm 167cm tall skinny midlong brow hair and brown eyes


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  • hair up, shorts and a t shirt

    • what kind of t-shirt?

    • something funny. has the word Here on the front, and a picture of your face on a dart board on the back :)

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  • Define sporty. The true sporty look is based on gym/athletic wear and generally only works on girls who have a fair amount of muscle tone or solid builds, otherwise it just looks weird and out of place. For example, racerback tank tops can look either tacky or hot, depending on whether or not you have good definition/muscle development in your upper back. Without that (and yes, this applies to girls, too) it just looks... weird.


What Girls Said 1

  • For a sporty look I would recommend you put you hair in a high ponytail, wear shorts and a

    T-shirt or a tank top, and wear sturdy runners/cleats. (Depending what sport you're playing)


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