Why would he not be looking at me?

I was talking to this guy the other day and he made a point of moving into the room I was in so we could chat some more. The thing I was wondering about is that when I told him I had some work to do and he said he'd keep me company he started reading a paper (which he read earlier) and I noticed he didn't look up at me once- unless I called him or he wanted to say something.

This might be a strange question but I'm just wondering because usually guys will look up at a girl every once in a while if they find her attractive. So am I to believe that he doesn't find me attractive?


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  • I think his keeping you company says that he wanted to be near you. Not looking at you... that depends. Is he shy? How well do you know him? How can you be sure he didn't, were you watching him the whole time? If you were, maybe he was uncomfortable? Sorry it's not a better answer, but it's definitely something to think about =)

    • lol thank you it is something to think about! I wasn't looking at him the whole time that would be creepy- I was trying to pay attention from the corner of my eye while doing work. I don't know him that well but I do think he is shy. When I approached him he was so sweet and warmed up immediately but my coworkers say he never talks to anyone there other than me

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