How do you have good style?

Girls what do you want to see and guys what do you do. I want to know about hair, scents that aere good, clothes and anything to look good for girls my age


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  • I think someone else asked the same question last week.

    Try for a cut above the standard T-Shirt and Jeans, but nothing fake like Justin Bieber...

    -- Ask a barber/hair dresser what suits your face in terms of hairstyle.

    -- Take a girl with you when you shop -- not a random girl, but a sister/cousin who seems to have a good fashion sense. You can't trust store clerks, who are there to sell the stuff you're trying on... Select based on your build and coloring. Try to find colors that work with your eyes. Jeans -- not too tight or you'll crush the boys. :,'-( Button-down shirts give a neater look. Depending on how formal you're trying to go, pick patterns for shirts and ties that suit your personality.

    -- Pick a scent that matches your personality. DON'T pick anything too fussy; DON'T douse. A bit on the neck and under the arms is fine. Popular lighter scents are pine or "cyprian ocean" -- other stuff is available, but perhaps too musky. DON'T pick a scent that clashes with your deodorant/antiperspirant. ALWAYS use deodorant/antiperspirant.


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  • The style looks attractive/flattering for your face shape, skin tone, height, and body shape.

    Try going with what's mainstream. There's conventional mainstream & unconventional mainstream. Alternative style is rare and has honestlly just become unconventional mainstream.

    Hair- voluminous, styled- straight/spiky/wavy are top 3, dark or light but medium ciolored satisfies both

    Scents- women are attracted to woodsy/spicy/musky scents

    Clothes- casual but tidy. clean, form fitting and some brand name basically a GQ vibe that you're stylish and cool but it's natural/casual aka you don't have to try


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