The funny things kids do, any stories?

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My best friend's daughter was like 4 at the time, was speaking with me on the phone, then stopped speaking. The next thing she said was, "are you dizzy"? I said "no". And then her mother had to tell me she just shook the phone, thinking I was in the phone. lol


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  • When I was four/five my aunt use to babysit me and she use to dry her husband's underwear on the radiator. So I saw my uncles underwear there and I looked at my cheese sandwich. I wasn't very hungry so I decided to take the cheese and put it in my uncle's underwear. He got out of the shower after a hard day's work and put the underwear on. HAhahahahhaha, He was cursing like crazy in Italian! :D He had cheese all up his butt and front!

  • i was recently an assistant at a summer camp for kids under 10, they did a lot of odd stuff.

    i told a little girl I'm 16 "omg your younger then my mom"

    asked a kid what he's doing over the weekend "moms turning 40 but dad says not to talk about it cause it makes her cranky"

    a 9 year old boy saw a girl with out a shirt in national geographic, covered it with his hands and yelled "inappropriate!"

    one little boy found an unopened soda can shook it then thorugh it.

  • idk if this will qualify as funny but...

    my 3 year old cousin was alone in the terrace with our rottweiler. The dog was just lying down and my cousin was holding its loose skin on the face shaking its head, saying "awww you're so cute, cute, cute" over and over again then she suddenly bit the dog's nose. The dog just pulled away stunned.

    and one time she shouted at some kid "hey! be careful! you might get ran over by the car!"

    then she faced me and said.. "I'm still gonna marry him"...:P

  • ok...this is something my twin brother and I did to my mom when we were kids. I know we were young around 2-3...maybe even 3-4, I can't remember really. An we had decided to play hide-n-seek...we hid in the chimmney on the metal crate where the fire wood goes. finally after countless giggling our mom found us. she cleaned us up and went to the laundry room and when she turned around we were gone...she heard laughing coming from the kitchen and walked in to see us throwing the eggs back into the fridge and watching them drip down...well after we got a spanking and she cleaned another one of our messes...she turned around and again we were gone...she walked into our livingroom to see a cloud of poder coming down the hall. My brother and I had gotten into her loose make-up powder and decided to run through the house with it.

    lets just say when my dad got home from work my mom told him he was to feed us, bath us, and etc. that night.

  • When I was really young (3 or 4) my parents invited some guests and one woman was really thick. When she walked in the room I said "Oh my God, are you fat!". And when my parents forced me to apologize I was like "Why? It's the truth!"

    Maybe 2 years later I tried on some new clothes and my family told me to hurry up. Guess what I said? "I'm a Lady, I can't hurry up!"


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  • When I was a kid I lived in Krete for a while. My family is American, and one of the things we missed the most during our stay was hamburgers. However, the American base had poor quality hamburgers because the beef was flown in from the U.S. Beef was almost nonexistant outside of the base because of mad cow disease.

    Not long after hitting puberty, though, a special event was being held on the base, and a bunch of European families were invited to a banquet thing with us. Of course, they served American cuisine, including hamburgers. Again, I just hit puberty, and my family was seated next to an English family with girl my age.

    So when we ordered our food, the girls ordered something consisting of nuts and berries, typical female cuisine, and I wanted my freakin' hamburger. As is obligatory for any proper English person to say in response to ordering beef, one girl asked "Beef? Ooh, you're brave."

    So I lean back in my chair, lean to one side and throw my arm over the back of the other side and in the most seductive voice I could manage at the tender age of 12, tell them that "In America, we eat beef all the time."


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