Do you think it is a good thing to tell your daughter/sister she's pretty?

I read an article in the paper this morning that stated it wasn't healthy to tell your daughter she's pretty as it puts too much pressure on them and leads them to think looks are more important. Personally I was a rather hideous child and I never asked my parents for reasurance and therefore have grown up with less weighting on others looks alone. Anyway, my question is: Do you argree with this articles view and if you have/had kids have you noticed them asking if they're pretty and what do you say back?
* I probably should have worded this better but I'm on my phone and it is rather tricky. Sorry!
I don't have children myself but it would be good to hear parents views on this. Personally I think it is unhealthy to constantly tell your children they are pretty and you could word the answers much better like "you are also very kind hearted"


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  • In the end, I can promise you that your kids will think that you are biased for telling them that they are pretty when they grow up, and let's face it, you are. But that shouldn't stop you from telling them! What the article fails to realize is that it's up to YOU to show them by example that it's what is on the inside that matters, that there is more to life than just looks and being a strong woman comes from within first.

    • Thank you for your comment. Good points :)

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  • If I ever have kids, I will build up their self esteem and I don't give a sh*t what any article says about it.

    • Yes self esteem is very important.

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  • interesting view point in that article. I can tell you that I have a pretty child and she doesn't think she is and no matter how many times I tell her she just thinks I'm blowing smoke and it's something I have to say cause I'm her mom(and it's something her friends have to say because they are her friends and it's something her boyfriends have to say cause they're her get the picture). I also tell her she's talented and funny and smart...but she believes all those things about herself already so she'll readily accept those compliments lol

    I think things like beauty pagents for younger girls, that put a lot of emphasis on looks at a young age and those moms telling their daughters they're pretty and then they don't win now I can see how that would do some damage honestly and also send the wrong message.


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