I want to look a little tanner. I've never tanned before, looking for some advice.

I want to look a little tanner, I'm pretty white and never tanned at a bed before. I just bought this lotion called Hemp bronzing moisturizer. When to I put this lotion on? The girl at the tanning salon said its for after you tan. So do I need a different lotion to put on before I tan? If so what lotion should I get? Also how often do I put this hemp lotion on? I appreciate all advice.


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  • Iv never been to a tanning salon, but my guy friend goes regularly. He puts on SPF 50 but that's because he has very sensitive skin. You can go a bit lower but you still need lotion because UV rays can be very harmful :) good luck

    • Do most people put SPF on when going to a tanning bed?

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    • I don't even have to ask my friend that, of coarse it's safer. The tanning bed uses all the same rays as the sun but turned up a notch so if you don't have SPF on you'll burn :)

    • Thank you :D

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  • put it on any time. most tanning lotions work this way: you put it on, wash your hands, and sit out in the sun


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