Do you believe in ugly duckling syndrome?

like do you think or have noticed that some beautiful kids/ teenagers become ugly when they grow up or vice versa?

for example, I was an okay looking baby but when I was in 3 grade up until part of 9th grade I was really ugly. I used to be super chubby and with thick hairy eyebrows, no guy would give me a chance. I got teased really bad.

now I'm 19 and looking better than I did back then and I get some pretty handsome guys once in a while.

could it be possible that I turn prettier or will I get ugly?
please share your experiences :)


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  • 1. Do you believe in ugly duckling syndrome?


    There's also swan syndrome where you were a pretty/cute child & ugly teen/adult.

    Sometimes girls get a pretty passing aka they're pretty one time in their lives usually that period is 18- 21. She could be pretty at 18 then ugly at 20 or at 16 then ugly at 23. Or pretty 18-21.

    2. could it be possible that I turn prettier or will I get ugly?

    possible but the likeliness usually depends on your genes (how attractive are the women in your family)

    Diet, execerise, sleep, skin care, and hair care play a role too.

    • I've met:

      6 ugly ducklings turn swan

      4 swans turn ugly duckling

      127 girls with a pretty passing

      84 ugly ducklings who stay that way

      27 swans who stay that way

    • lol very accurate numbers...

      that's bullsh*t

    • lol nope I just have a good memory when observing appearances.

      If anything you should bullsh*t on if they are ugly because according to this site I have high standards. lol

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  • As long as you keep healthy and fit you'll probably be fine. Yes, it's very possible that you'll turn prettier.

  • Yes, it happened to me or should I say I made it happen.

  • no.

    I'm gorgeaus since day 1.

    • yea. who could say no to those darn auburn tresses.

    • that's not me.

      I choose not to display pictures of myself online, I dislike the incessant e-harassment.

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  • I'm not sure. I've seen some girls blossom into stunners and the same with guys. I've also seen people say the same and I've seen beautiful people morph into someone who shouldn't leave house without a bag on their head.

    Genes play most of the cause of it but I also think character does too. People that spend most of their time frowning tone up those muscles and end up with a horrible scowl plastered on their face. People who smile do the same and generally look more pretty and happy.

  • Yes I believe in this to an extent

    No saying it's not possible to happen in some girls, but I think it's more accurate under the circumstances that the girl never took care of herself or was more oblivious to her appearance and soon took the motivation to care more about how she look and changed up her look a bit

  • 1st Question: I do believe in ugly duckling syndrome.

    2nd Question: Nope, you will get prettier with age if you continue to take care of yourself.

  • Regarding your update, here is my experience.

    When I was a kid: I had to wear a patch on my eye, huge glasses (which were the wrong prescription, effing doctors), I would get fever sores all the time, I was sick a lot, I went through 9 surgeries (one, I went through awake). So I never felt good, and I always looked sick. I felt extremely ugly. Now as I am getting older, I still don't understand I'm not that little kid with fever sores and huge bug glasses anymore. I still am uncomfortable with certain things, like the scars on my stomach and lower back, but I know I'm not ugly.

    • i understand you. I used to get teased so bad and even though I'm not as horrible looking as I was back then, I still think I'm ugly and I think people are lying to me when they say I'm pretty.

      im sure your so gorgeous :) I can tell by your pic :)

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    • Hahaha :D *whisper voice* thank you :D

    • hahaha XD

  • It is common for girls to blossom during the alter years of high school and into their early 20s.

  • Well I did have the ugly duckling syndrome, but think I turned baCk to an ugly duckling again. Up until my senior year of high school something about me appearanc ewise wasn't quite right, but from freshmen year of college to senior year of college, my appearance improved significantly ( of course, I have put considerable amt of effort such as going to the gym regularly and wearing more figure flaterring clothes), then I gained some weight and also quit my gym membership and had depressing events occur ( bad plastic surgery) which took a toll somewhat on my appearance and I'm back to being somewhat ugly and plain looking again...

  • I do but some beauties turn into beasts

  • it happens, but generally no.

    but I knew a girl that was gorgeous when she was younger but as she grow older, she just grew uglier and uglier


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