How can I get rid of stretch marks?

i have stretch marks and I hate them :( anyone know how to get rid of them?


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  • Everybody is going to recommend a cocoa butter and bio oil. But the truth is, there is no quick fix to permanently remove stretch marks. You're stuck with them, that's reality. I've had the same problem, and I've watched so many videos of people applying all these creams and using dermarollers. After a few months, they still had them.

    Even surgery will not get rid of stretch marks completely, it will only reduce the appearance. I've tried everything, from cocoa butter to Vitamin E pills. My stretch marks were not phased.

    The good news is, they do fade naturally. If you stay hydrated and active, the stretch marks tend to blend in and fade more. I have some on my biceps, and when I'm working out, they go from noticeable to barely noticeable. I haven't been using any of those oil treatments or creams lately, yet the stretch marks seem to be fading anyway.

    Just stop worrying about them. It's highly unlikely that you'll lose out on a guy because of a few stretch marks.


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  • Try Bio-Oil. It's supposed to work really well on scars and stretch marks. link

  • cocoa butter might work. link

  • Try Shea butter everyday the one from bath body is good. It's a skin repair cream. Also, I heard coaco butter is good.


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