Why do I always attract guys of a different religion?

Why do I attract guys of a different religion? Or meet guys that are more often or not a different religion? The guys I attract mostly (98%) are Muslim. I'm christian but the ratio of Muslim guys always outweighs the Christian guys and I live in a christian country! I know some might say because I'm not looking hard enough but seriously I don't understand! I'm mixed race and look India/Arab could this be a factor. Its not to say I don't like these guys, I'v even dated some of them before, and they're great, but religion complicates stuff? Sometimes I ask God why I end up meeting more Muslims than Christians if he wants to make it easier for me to marry within my own religion? Because at the end of the day we don't choose who we end up meeting or being introduced to. I don't dislike any religion, infact my dad's mother is Muslim, but I'm just finding it hard to understand from a spiritual point of view. Any pointers?
Thanks for the encouragement and making me see it from different view points. I guess I just feel more comfortable in a Christian environment, because its what I'm familiar to. I don't judge other religions, not at all, it's just more my comfortablity level.


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  • If he isn't like an extremist, then Muslims and Christians could probably get together. Marriage might be interesting. You might need two different types of ceremonies. But, your looks could be a factor for sure, considering most Muslims are of Arab/Indian decent. I have a belief that Muslims and Christians should be more open to one-another considering we both believe in the one true God. We just believe in different messiahs. Also, I'm not sure if God really wanted different religions per say, he showed up to different people differently, but I'm not sure if he wanted us to see him in different ways or to make war or to create a type of wedge between different races based on belief of him and the way we practice that belief or show that we believe in him. Religion to me is more of a man made thing than something God wanted. But, if you feel that you would be more comfortable with a Christian male because you are both on the same wave-length, then you have to maybe go to Christian gatherings and be around more Christian environments or something. Or you could wear a Cross around your neck as a charm on a necklace. Muslims don't believe in Jesus as Christians do so the Cross is a definite sign of Christianity. Either than that, just have to live with it I guess and pick and choose. Don't get discouraged. The right person will come around when you least expect it.


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  • Why does it matter what his religion is? Maybe your trial is to show a little tolerance, to become more open minded, and to accept mankind for who they are. The fact is, all the religions of the book, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all basically the same religion, involve many of the same stories and historical figures (prophets). They all share very similar values. The way the religions choose to worship, is slightly different, but the message is the same.


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  • Why does it bother you that Muslim men are attracted to you?

    Christian men are always attracted to me and Muslim men think am too much for them.

    It doesn't matter what his religion is as long as he will understand me and treat me right, when marriage comes up, we will figure out a way to solve this issue.. For now, enjoy dating.

    • You are Muslim? I thought Muslim women arn't allowed to marry or date a non Muslim guy? only the Muslim guys can

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    • Sorry, accusing somebody of having an STD must've been an insult in your culture. I had to ask because you're an arab living in an arab Muslim country where honour killings are still on the roll and where 87% of women still think that a husband should beat his contumacious wife, etc... but on the other hand; you only lay foreigners. So I assumed that Muslim guys in your country would consider you a promiscuous girl and therefore autonomously avoid you, if that makes sense?

    • It may makes sense to others but I do not consider myself as promiscuous I love being in a relationship and I don't give a flying f*** about what these close minded men would think about me. But here are a lot of arab guys and girl these days seeking the same thing. So I am not alone on this

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