How long do you like a girls hair to be?

1) How long do you like her hair to be? This guy was telling me how women look better with long hair and how this lady he knows used to be pretty until she cut her long hair off and got it really short like up to her chin. He also told me that one thing he likes is long hair because it is more youthful and feminine. So is it true that you don't like it short? What's the shortest length hair you are attracted to? What is too short and what is too long?

2) Do you like women to wear their hair all down? Or do you like it half up too? (I put a picture of half up don't know if the link works)



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  • I prefer girls with long hair and yes it does make girls look more feminine. Guys could be attracted to a girl with no hair if she is really attractive so asking for the shortest length that we are still attracted to is probably not fair. I mean look at amber rose for example she's not unattractive and she has a buzz cut. I think the range of what I like is probably from half a foot past the shoulder to maybe another foot or 2 down but I'm really not that sure. I don't really pay attention to the exact length as much as the style and shine and such.

    And for style every girl can have many different styles work for them and it depends on the girl. Yes Carrie Underwood looks good with that style but she'd probably look good with any style. I think wearing their hair down would be the safest bet for most girls but it really depends on the individual.


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  • 1) My ideal hair length is about the middle of the back. If it reaches her butt it is too long, if it isn't at least a few inches past the shoulders it is too short.

    2) I like it both ways. All down, and half up.

  • Agreed long hair is sexy. More than sexy, its beautiful.

    When I see women with short hair its weird I think "modern", but I prefer old skool women. Lady in public, manners etc. Wild in bedroom.

    There are some girls who pull off short hair, but very few. and the women who pull it off, would look better with long most of the time :P

  • 1) Shoulder length. Shortest is about chin length. Too long is longer than reaching your boobs.

    2) The link looks good. I like all down better though.

  • long hair


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  • 1. Guys like long hair because it makes a girl look more feminine so he feels more masculine. Guys love feeling more masculine without having to do anything themselves

    Most guys think shoulder length is the shortest.

    Too short would be cropped or ear/neck length.

    Too long would be past the waist.

    2. Most guys don't care about the hairstyle as long as she looks attractive.


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