Do you ladies like the marine haircut style on guys?

So .. I was thinking of getting a marine haircut and I could say it will look good on me since I'm well built and pretty big , and the question is do you ladies like the marine haircut on guys ? or possibly find it attractive .. ? something like this link . thanks in advance :)
Got my haircut today :) and I'm loving it . thanks for your opinions ladies !


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  • it looks good but it depends on the guy really :)

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    • hahaha ! true that though lol ... arabic slang is fail anyways tisba7ee 3ala khayr ! and please don't mistake it for die in hell for something it means wake up with goodness or w.e :P

    • :O I'm not 3'abeya you know XD

      it would help if you answer on chat :)

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  • Yah, motivated high and tight, just going to let you know, that's the most boot haircut a Marine gets, if you're trying to look like a Marine to impress girls or what have you, that's kind of pathetic.

    Being a Marine myself, I take offense to that. I worked hard to get where I'm at. Also, a hint, Marines don't want to be Marines when they're off base, we want to be civilians for leave or liberty. But hey, June 1st came and went, right?

    • so you think the marines invented this haircut ?! I'm sure its been known to man way long before that .. get over yourself

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    • I'm with you on this one brother, we had to earn the title United States Marine. Civilians who pretend to be or want to look like Marines without earning the title make me sick. This guy's going to have a lot of people asking him about which branch/unit he's in and I'm sure he'll make up some sh*tty story about how he was in some High Speed, Low Drag, Special Ops unit. I also can't believe these motherf***ers gave you two thumbs down when you're speaking the truth. Stay motivated...yut yut.

    • dude I'm 17 so no , I'm not going to make up a story of how I was in the marines , I will say I like the haircut now go whine somewhere else

  • You don't rate that sh*t unless you were in the military.


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