Getting butterflies in my stomach over a picture

My brother finally got his football pictures today. I decided to look at the group picture just to see who is playing this year. Suddenly, I got butterflies in my stomach even though I have never gotten them before. When, my eyes landed on Ryan a guy I went to middle school with and haven't talked to in years an electric shock ran through me. Oddly, I find him attractive even though I usually don't like boys with blond hair and blues eyes due to my father having a similar coloring. He actually looks really good with facial hair which I find myself strange for liking.

Why would I get so ditzy over a picture?


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  • Don't overanalyze it. Your brain just sent you a "woah that's Ryan and he looks different" signal, haha. It doesn't mean anything other than that.

  • Oh to be young again. :D


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