Have any of you permanently straightened your hair, girls?

and what was the experience like? how damaging was it? how satisfied were you with it? and how expensive was it?

i really hate my natural hair like after I get out of the shower and it dries it looks a mess and I just hate it but I LOVE the way I look with it straightened and when I say straight I mean STRAIGHT. but I just get so so so so tired of using my flat iron and burning my fingers and my arms get tired and plus I have thick hair and it takes me anywhere between 1-2 hours to do it and since I'm in college that's valuable time I could be studying or something. so I'm REALLY considering getting it permanently striaghtened and after reading this link I'm now a little worried and concerned and not sure of what to do


any advice and experiences is much appreciated and welcome :) thankss


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  • I haven't, but my little sister did. She had beautiful curls but she wanted it dead straight.

    Honestly, it really does screw up your hair. Her hair dried out quite a bit, and after having it chemically straightened it kinked so easily. Also, if you have curly curly hair it looks weird when it grows out - because the ends are straight whilst the roots get some curl.

    I'd advise against it, but it's up to you.

  • Its not good at all it just messing up your hair folicals I would not recommend


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