What are the main things guys need to learn about relating to us, women?

Not! sex techniques, but how to communicate and avoid pushing our buttons.


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  • 1. Approaches are usually unwanted/univinted so don't expect her to appreciate it.

    2. Women are less visual not blind

    3. Most girls like guys that she can emotionally connect with, enjoy being with, find interesting, find physically/sexually attractive, and whose personality she likes who is nice to her.

    Fulfilling 1 out of 6 doesn't mean women don't like nice it means women don't like just nice.

    4. Girls usually dress for themselves, fashion, or for other girls. Stare all you want but don't think that it she wanted you to.

    5. Some girls have d*ck size preferences that doesn't mean she sticks to her preference. Few girls have d*ck size requirements

    • Haha I love #2

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    • Unless she goes around with a ruler measuring every new guy she meets, she won't know the d** size until, er. she's pretty committed..right?

    • lol you can measure with your hands when putting on the condom.

      To measure anything you just need something to measure with. It doesn't have to be a ruler.

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  • dnt you think that depends on the guy & the woman? relating involves twi people, you bounce of of each other.. I don't think you can get a universal guide for how women or how men need to be hndled. that's just hype sold in books .. making the authors tons of money, but people are still confused because they are looking for information outside of their experience- to fix their experience. if your in a relationship, its alive& breathing, so you should learn from it.

    if a person deosnt care enough about their partner to discuss the communication, if its lacking, then they should not be with that person., & the only book that will help you, is the one that tells you you are not compatible,

    effort doesn't come from pages in a book, it comes from a persons compassion, volition, & ethics.. Its a matter of conscience, not style, imo.


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