He said he wanted to skype but isn't online?

okay this is kind of a silly question. actually its really silly. so yesterday I was at my grandmothers house and I was spending the night. she took me to the mall and I was trying some clothes on. after I showed her an outfit I opened the door to change and I say that somebody was calling me. I got my phone and saw that it was my friend Tyler. he has never called me so I figured maybe he was trying to text me but accidently called me. well I answered and he actually ment to call me. he saw that I was on skype and wanted to know if I wanted to skype with him. I told him I couldn't because I was away but I would be back home the next day. I asked if we could skype when I got home because I really really wanted to skype with him. he said we could.

so this morning I texted him around 10 or 11 and told him I was home so he could skype me or text me. I never got a response. he goes out at night because he lives in the city. he walks around everywhere. so I know I might not be able to skype tonight because he goes out. but I don't want to bug him again and text him. any suggestions? oh also, I did see he was signed in for a little bit on Facebook chat. but it didn't look like he did anything. so maybe he was using his ipod and he got connection from somewhere? but again. any suggestions? thanks for the advice in advance! :)


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  • Wow, here is my suggestion, hmmm just leave him a text saying to text you back that's all. Whenever he can skype with you then he will . Problem solved off to the next question *leaps out a window and flies away on a cheese burger*


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