What is it you don't understand about the other gender?

Men : What is it about women you don't understand, can't stand, or will never like about women?

Women: What is it about men you can't understand, can't stand or will never like about men?

Keep it clean if you guys get in a debate, I'm just spectating with a bucket of popcorn =)


Most Helpful Girl

  • How the hell do they manage to hide their boners during the day? I've never noticed one during the day before. Either the reports of daytime embarrassing boners are grossly over-exaggerated, or guys are just super-crotch-hiding ninjas.

    • Tight underpants and slightly nonrestrictive pants/shorts do a good job concealing them.

    • i know what you mean, I rarely get hard ons during the day, I try to not show my bulge if I can, but nothing I can do about it =/

    • Ha... Yeah we all get that turned on just by the way you dress.

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What Girls Said 1

  • that they just think of you as one thing even though your not sending out sex signals at all what so ever. and when you finally think uve find some nice guy nop turns out he was just after sex him 2 ...

    • =/ yeah those immature men, there's ways of breaking a guys signs down and figuring out what he wants.

What Guys Said 4

  • I know why this is but I'm stating it anyway.

    Why is it that the unattractive girls are easy to get while the average and above are harder? If I wanted to, I could get a hog in bed the same day I approached her.

    • Lol its somewhat how the world works, not all girls are easy to obtain or hard to obtain, it differs depending on the person. Not many girls are DTF , if they were DTF they would of stated it.

    • Well, I did say I already knew the answer too. I just couldn't think of something at the time and REALLY wanted to post before the topic goes dry.

      What is DTF?

    • Down to F***lol.

  • Why do so many girls pay so much attention to their hair and nails, buy the finest clothes, and make sure their make-up is always done perfect, but yet they REFUSE to lose the gratuitous amount of weight they're carrying.

    And then they complain about not being able to get the guys they want or that no guy wants to date them seriously.

    Perhaps I'm not in tune with the priority system at play, but wouldn't it be less expensive and more affective to just lose 20lbs than to buy a ton of flattering clothes in a size 16?

  • how can I tell if a girl is just being nice and friendly to me, or if she actually likes me

  • the whole fake thing. fake makeup, fake boobs, fake lips, fake hair, fake everything. why can't women be natural and not paint themselves? honestly, a little is okay, but too much and that's totally a turnoff.

    dont get me started on fake body parta.

    • LMAOOO I agreee and I am a girl everything but the makeup... just a little

    • lmao wow, I agree. People do it to hide their insecurites and imperfection and fears. In the end it doesn't solve the problem, its like sweeping a dead cat under your rug.

    • amen to that.

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