Girls do not care about looks as much as guys because they ARE more sophisticated. Correct me if I'm wrong about these myths, will you?

First of all I'm not one to be overly confident but I'm NOT trying to feed my ego in anyway because I'm already in a serious relationship and I have been told to be above average. Anyways this is the story. Girls do not care about looks as much as guys because they ARE more sophisticated. Girls are less visual than guys meaning it will take more than a hot body/look to woe her. Hence, girls do NOT care as much about physical appearance as guys do. Some girls might say oh I won't be attracted to a guy with this or that and that in the first few minutes you will know whether or not the guy is worthy. This is wrong completely lol. I have met MARRIED couples who tell me I would have never seen my self with this guy. He is shorter etc. Girls go with what woe's them. They might say otherwise just to filter out the less confident guys.


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  • It seems to be true that women don't care as much about physical attractiveness as men but the reason for this is not because they are "more sophisticated". The reason is because it is not as evolutionarily important for a women to find an attractive mate as for a man to find an attractive mate. For men it has been important to find women who are fertile and thereby physically attractive because they will likely reproduce and produce offspring who will reproduce. For women this is important as well, but since they can't reproduce as often as men they must be more selective with who they mate with. Missing a cycle to get a better mate would probably be a good choice. For this reason women seek men who are stronger, more confident, and overall have a better personality because these are the men who will be able to stay with them, raise their kids, be easy to get along with, and will protect them


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  • Ugly guys tell this to themselves to make themselves feel better.

    I like tall guys, I'm 5'3, so why would I go out with a shorter guy? That would be a guaranteed Napoleon complex.

    I workout and eat healthy, why would I want someone otherwise?

    Looks matter. Don't care what anyone says. I'm not gorgeous, but it's usually the ugly ones who say it doesn't matter

    • as I said I'm not ugly at all lol. I'm basically the kind of guy that turn heads if you know what I mean but I found out that after the first few weeks, personality is what matters. I need to work more on my personality. You are 17 anyways and I don't mean any offense but girls set out 'false standtards' so to speak but some of the sucesful couples I've met say that that the would have never imagined themselves with one another but that's just how it turns out sometimes. they start out as friend

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    • i bet 10 g's that I'm way out of your league and also...everyone agrees with me except the 17 yearold. coincidence? no offense to other non-virgin or experienced 17-yearolds :)

    • "the ugly ones say it doesn't matter" hahahahah bullsh*t.

  • Some things are true for some women. I think women do care a little less about looks than men do, & no, I'm not cutting men down for that. I just think women like a multitude of things, & can be attracted to a guy even if he isn't handsome, in society's opinion anyway.

    • ur answer seems logical but your pic tripped me out when I maximized it lol

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    • sooo.. what's the story behind that pic? horror it is lol

    • It's my favorite movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • Most women do, it's a bunch of hog wash if they say they don't care about looks! I mean I want a guy who's attractive, I don't need a Johnny Depp, I just want a guy that I am attracted too.

    • they do care about looks but, its an initial attraction thing. If a guy is able to woe her in other ways, she will get attracted to him since women place other things as being more important about looks.

  • Well, please don't misunderstand. Women like eye candy just as much as anyone! It's just not the final deciding factor. We're geared to seek out "the provider" and you're geared to seek out "the healthy nurturer". That's means that women tend to dig for something beyond the physical if we're really interested in a guy, while guys will most likely be satisfied with a healthy sort of woman who seems to care for them. It's been traced through research going back to the days of the prehistoric human beings.

    (We go with what "woos" us, not what "woe's" us, lol.)

    • meh, that's exactly what I say more or less. I've brought the evoloutionary factory that you have mentioned a few times on the site but people will give you hell for having a brain and referring to science so watch out!

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    • eh don't worry the question has already sort of died out so you are in the clear

    • :-D

  • Looks do matter to an extent but other things override it like I would rather have a slightly above average guy with a great personality and who is smart and funny than a hot guy who is stupid


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  • Attraction for women is not based as heavily on looks as it is for men. For men its probably 80+%, for women more like 35-40%.


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