What is a good leave-in conditioner for African American hair?

I am currently looking for a good leave in conditioner for natural 4a hair. I would like something that will help define my curls and contains 100% NATURAL/ORGANIC ingredients. I accentuate that because I don't want anything that contains Alcohol or Petrolatum in it. I have extremely dry and very coarse hair. So I would like something that will also help add moisture and shine to my hair.

Thanks for your help!


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  • Just go to a hairsalon and ask the experts. And why is it so important to hace 100% natural/organic ingredients? I am so sick of the "all natural" trend, if technology has found something that works why not use it?

    • Because more natural based products are more healthier for African American hair. Our hair is a lot more fragile than most other race hair types. So yeah. And also it has to be natural for this reason I stated. I need a NATURAL dose of natural oils and other things necessary for healthy hair growth. It's not about preference, its more about what's required.

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    • I highly doubt that. As most cosmetic companies mainly caters to Caucasian or most other fair skinned races. Not to sound racist or anything, but it is a known fact that they do. The majority of the time when I go to say a grocery store to buy shampoos and conditioners or makeup for that matter it is mainly for much fairer skinned races. If you did not know the answer then you shouldn't have answered. This question was meant for someone who knows what they are talking about.

    • Sorry, I answered your question by saying go to an expert and get advice for your patricular case. Similar to going to a doctor if needing help with health.

      However, I commented mostly because of the natural/organic demand, wondering for what reason synthetically made, tested and proven to work products would be rejected merly because they are not extracted from the plant itself and therefore considered "not natural"...

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  • I date mostly black girls. I have helped them with their hair. (maybe not organic but so good for your hair) if you mix aussie conditioner for dry hair and white rain conditioner and leave it on your hair for a couple of hours you will be pleasantly surprised.

    • Hmm...I have used Aussie before and it really stripped my hair and made it really dry. :( I'll check it out though and see if others have used this method. Thanks for your suggestion!. :)

    • there are different versions of aussie. you have to get the "for dry and damaged hair" one. and white rain is great- and mixed together and left in for a couple of hours and then cold water rinse will make it come out nourished and softer

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  • I would have said V05 but that isn't 100% natural.

    I have never tried this brand, but I'm really interested in Qhemet Biologics. link Apparently all their products are natural, sulfate free and vegan friendly. I've wanted to try them but never got the chance so maybe you might like them.

  • I'm transitioning so I haven't really found anything that works for my hair type but I recommend naturallycurly . com for a list of products for your specific hair type.

    • Naturallycurly is a great site! They have a forum, so that's web more helpful if you need recommendations from curlies like yourself QA

  • I use sofn'free its really good! buy the bottle with white and green. The total green bottle will leave white marks on your hair

  • I don't use them but on naturallycurly.com or curlynikki.com sugessts them..most make their own products but what works for me is a drugstore one like garnier and I add oil like olive oil mix with water and do a braid for braid outs


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