I want to tell him something cute but I'm clueless?

I've been talking to this guy again and we're really hitting it off this time. we Haven't seen each other in like months and we miss each other. we Haven't spoken in a few days Because he just moved back to college and he hasn't reconnected his internet (we usually talk through fb and skype.) and he has football camp.

sooo what are some cute, flirty but NOT CORNY things to let him know I miss him and to let him have something to look forward to Because we see each other in 10 days!


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  • awww , I really miss you , its been ages
    this may sound simple but don't underestimate the results , give him a warm hug aswel :) ( to add the extra spice ;) )

  • lol did you tell him anythign?

    • yea ha ha since I got not help from here I just told him sttraight from the heart..i said just 10 days till I see you and other things ;) just putting that out there..he said I made his night. I'm so happy <3

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