How many shades darker can I dye my hair with minimal damage?

It's usually dark brown, but it got lighter over the summer.
I'm using a Garnier ammonia free dye. Thanks y'all!


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  • if its okay for you to go redder then try henna.. which is 100% natural and zero damage and its a treatment that would make your hair stronger and shinier

    ive been using henna like forever but my hair is dark so you can't see the redness in it, but in the sun my hair shines red which I get compliments on

    • I'll add that there is black henna and red henna.. I've been using red henna and I'm not sure black henna is natural or it has things added :/

      thanks for BA :]

    • No prob. :)

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  • Id try going to a salon and letting somewhat of an expert do it.


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  • Yea, you could use henna like the anon said. But you could use the dark brown one :) either that or a coffee rinse :) dying, no matter the color is bad for your hair so I would suggest these natural ones :)


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