Cute ways to ask my boyfriend to backwards?

our dance is coming up and I want a really cute way to ask him. id like to hear what guys think (girls can answer too) but guys I need to know something that a guy would find cool haha



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  • Walk up to him backwards Say things like goodbye instead of hello. Tell him to look down there & point up. Start saying that the sky is really green today & look how blue the grass is. My glove came untied & then tie your shoe. Wear a cap or coat backwards.

    Think of a few more things & then say oh my I've got it backwards do you want to go to the dance?

    • haha that's pretty cool :)

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  • what is backwards?

    • it's where girls ask guys to the dance

    • I love that someone voted this down when I was just asking a question.

      probably the guy above me


    • haha I thought that was odd too, I didn't vote you down :P

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