Why am I attracted to this mindless, unemotional girl?

for one, she is extremely insecure. I called her immature as a joke once and she held onto it for a day and a half. when I texted her "what's up?" all she responded with was "why did you call me immature?" and did not give up until I gave her an answer. every response from me took about 30 minutes and she waited up until 4:30am until I was done.

she also agrees with pretty much everything I say. I never got a long response from her. she usually only speaks when spoken to (in our case), she has never texted me first. but in person when I talk to her, I seem to have her full undivided attention. even if she is standing there talking to a friend, I will project my voice around her and she will immediately turn around and look at me and play with her hair. I just don't know whether this girl likes me or not and I REALLY like her, it's driving me insane.

IMHO, this adorable girl is intimidated by me and doesn't wanna text me first thinking she'll bother me. last night I texted her saying "im going to sleep, text me tomorrow". nothing yet... fml


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  • Mindless & unemotional I don't see.

    You stated extremely insecure and intimidated by you.

    It seems like you like girls who rely on you - extremely insecure

    You like girls who agrees with everything you say, gives you undivided attention, answer your beck & calls like a down-quick to please.

    You like girls you feel you have power over and think it's adorable- intimidated by you

    I think you like most guys would like an adorable girl who is extremely extreme, intimidated, and quick to please.


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  • If you know she's insecure why do you provoke her? She wants you full attention on text it looks like it, and it looks like she wants you to chase her. Or she's just not interested?

    • i've chased her enough for her to get the idea that I like her. I specifically told her "txt me tomorrow" and she didn't yet. the ball is in her court.

    • then talk to her, I am sorry, but be a MAN! Ask her what's the problem? Ask what's in her head? Haven't you been in a relationship before?

  • this mindless, unemotional girl?insecure girl? wth?WTH? That's so mean,Ok stop calling her that because it sounds like you are the mindless, unemotional Person.


What Guys Said 3

  • Some people are attracted to dominant people. Others are attracted to submissive people. Your girlfriend sounds very submissive. So I am guessing that is just what you are attracted to. No big deal. Submissive people deserve love to.

  • Are you sure she is a human being? She sounds like a dog. Maybe she's a red setter, its an easy mistake to make.

  • she likes you. she seems shy however. if you like her just bust a move man.


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