The guys who hit on me are Hispanic. Why does this always happen?

More often than not, the guys who hit on me are Hispanic... I don't know why. I am veering to the preppy side of style, but still classy. I never show too much cleavage or anything and maintain a "girl in control" aura, like friendly and outgoing but with an edge, like I know what I want in life and not afraid to take the steps necessary to get there.

Most of the time the guys are not sleazy, and I think of myself as a classy girl. What could it be that would make these guys hit on me more than white guys even (I'm white)?


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  • I have a very similar situation going on. It's usually Hispanic guys that hit on me too, usually saying something about my eyes. Perhaps there's just something about you specifically that attracts them. Like I said, they usually say something in regards to my eyes - do they specify anything that's pretty about you, like your hair or eyes?

    • My eyes are green with like a smokey ring of ashy green around them. I have light brown hair but typically dye it darker. Bold eyebrows, but always defined. Ghetto booty haha.

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    • Well there's undeniably similarities between our appearances so I gues I hav my answer! Thanks so much!

    • You're welcome!

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  • Like the other guy said, you can only control who talk to you. Different type of guys will talk to you, but when you have the right guy come to then you do whatever you want.

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  • You can't control who talks to you, you can only control who you talk to.


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  • Your question is implying that Hispanic guys don't like classy girls?

    • No I said I think of myself as classy (think Lucy hale- classy but still innocent and sweet) and they hit on me more often than white guys do. I was just wondering why that's all

  • must be your modest personality.



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