How do you guys stay fit?

I need to lose a fair amount of weight over a couple months and want to know what you guys do to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.


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  • I am by no means saying this will work for you, it's just what I do.

    I drink orange juice and water and decaf tea and never drink pop.

    I also almost never eat chocolate, so my access to sweets is also quite limited.

    I don't eat chips very often. I will eat tortilla chips and pretzels, and very seldom potato chips.

    I don't eat anything with MSG in it.

    I don't eat anything with partially hydrogenated oils in it, very often.

    I try to avoid artificial colorings and flavorings.

    I try to remember eating, because how much you eat is related to how much you remember eating (alzheimer's patients will eat over and over because fullness is determined by how much you remember eating).

    I don't eat fast food unless I have to. (I bring food with me in the car, and am quite used to it.)

    I eat chewable vitamins as my candy.

    I eat almost all whole grain breads/muffins with a lot of fiber.

    I have good teeth, so I can chew vegetables.

    TLC brand stuff is good.

    The whole idea is to not eat an advertisement for food, something that smells and tastes like food and is wrapped in something shiny and is all colorful. but it's all fake, and you're eating an advertisement of something that resembles food.


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  • Eating healthy is key. Stay away from greasy foods and high carb meals. If you can, eat as little meat as possible. Instead of getting a fast food meal, trying cooking at home.

    I run a mile every other day and on the days I don't run I do cardio work outs for at least 30 minutes.

    When you first start working it out it's important to start small and ease yourself into a routine. Also make sure you're not doing the same thing over and over again. Your body will adapt to your workout and you will stop losing weight, you have to take your workout to the next level every 2 weeks.

    You can try dancing, or rollerblading. Running isn't always your only option. There are other things out there as well.

    Once you've found your happy weight. Just stick to your routine.

  • if your into it, I like to play DDR. the video game dance dance revolution. your jumping on keys the whole time. it's a workout for your body and mind by reacting to what you see and to be able to jump on the keys in time. it gets challenging and fun too. or you could try wii fit, I don't own one but it should work listening to the name. you'll need to buy equipment for either one though.

  • There are so many things to do to get into shape and stay fit. You just have to find which one you like and which one works best for you. There is cardio, like running, biking, swimming, and dancing. I will agree that lifting weights is always good or doing callistetics-----push ups, body builders, bends and thrusts,mountain climbers etc. Flexibility is also a good thing to have----stretching, yoga, and palates.

  • absolutley no soda (it has all the fat in the world)

    -wheat bread with turkey instead of ham

    -lots of water

    -orange juice

    -go to the gym for like 3-4 hours every week 4-5 times a week

    -smoothies are really good and healthy not too much calories so I guess it can be your guitly pleaure I love love love jamba juice

    - be careful on those days you do eat whatever you want, it might want you stop dieting

    -trick your mind into thinking your eating sweets meaning eat those healthy yougurts with good flavors like strawberry shortcake etc. they're really good

    and in a couple of months you'll be happy :) hope I helped Good Luck!

    • What is this jamba juice you speak of?

    • Well I don't know if you have it where you live, but its sort of a famous smoothie place I don't think they're nationwide though I thought they were

    • Calorie wise those jamba juices are horrible though. 700 calories for that thing. It's a meal by itself, not a drink

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  • Lift weights man, gets rid of that "weight" and turns it into muscle. Also jog every day progressively. Always push yourself or its not going to help you at all. Don't go on diets because they hardly ever work and they are short term and have bad side/after effects. Lift weights.

    • Diets are ok. its just the ones that say your gonna lose 15 lbs in a week and crap that won't work.. depending on how much weight I'm sorry but I don't like that 35 or 40+ bs will happen in a couple of months and stay off... slow weightloss will be easier to maintain

  • I doubt this helps but it's how I stay fit and I hate how people don't think it's a real sport.

    Start riding motocross. It's A LOT more strenuous than what non-riders think. They put a heart-rate monitor on Ricky Carmichael (google him) for a moto and his heart rate was almost redlining shortly after the start. They ride for 40 minutes plus 2 laps like that. It's been ranked the second most physically demanding sport in the world behind soccer. I would suggest soccer if you are on a budget though. Motocross is a big investment but it's worth every penny. I don't think I could go on living if I stopped riding.

  • 1- drink lots and lots and lots of water(minimum 1 gallon a day)

    2- cardio kickboxing is the best sport to burn fat(3 days a week)

    3- weight lifting,3 days a week,(concentrate on squats, pullups, deadlifts)

    4- take a day off(eat what ever you want)

    5- don't 4get the diet.

    • So as long as I work out 6 of the 7 days.... can I drink on that day off? I like to drink a lot.... 26er or 12-15 beers...

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    • Thank god I don't drink at all(i'm moslim)

    • Drinking is wicked guy...

  • stay active, stay moving, drink plenty of water, don't eat as much red meat, simple sugars, complex carbs. That will knock the w8 down...

  • Wii fit?

    Just kidding. I run every day except on Sunday's and then I do cardio 4 times a week.

  • best way to do it is lift weights and run. I was taught a pretty good running workout that will not only help lose weight but also keep you really healthy.

    the best place to do it is at a school on the fields. find a school that has a track and a hill or bleachers and do the following for 7 minutes each to start then each week increase it by a minute

    Slow jog around the track

    Uphill sprints then jog down

    Downhill sprints then jog up

    if you need anymore help let me know

  • What the military does is they make you run a mile and a half, then the next day run for an hour and just alternate days doing that. Also stay away from junk food and sugar. If your watching tv, go for a walk instead or something

  • you wrote this question more than a year ago. any luck?

    2 things nutrition and cardio

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