How to get the greatest girl?

This girl is incredible. Nicest girl in the grade, 10th grade by the way, and prettiest face in the grade.

To describe me (if any of this sounds braggy I'm not trying to I am just really serious about this)- I am 6'2 and Maybe to skinny, but I have good muscles. I play football and am the only kid in school that plays lacrosse, and I am on varsity for it. I have a decent face, blond shrt hair, blue eyes. I have a good sense of style. I am funny, but possibly to funny because I am kind of immature and hyper. I play guitar and sing. Most people in the grade know me as a great boyfriend because no matter how mean my last girlfriend was I always treated her perfect.

I have talked to her a few times outside of school, but just short Facebook chats. The only reason I think I have a prayer is because her last boyfriend was an ugly in the closet douche. Can someone please help me get this girl?


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  • Talk to her and try to spend more time with her. Try to find activities together. Don't follow get or anything like that. Just try to feel like her and do the same things. Don't do things because you want her. Do things because you want to know what she likes. There is slight difference. I hope you'll get hang of it.

    Also let her have freedom and space she needs. But stay closer. Sit near. Try to talk with her. But don't force it. If you see defense reaction, slow down or back up a little.

    And most importantly, do it because you want to make her happy. Otherwise there is not much point to that. Do it out of love. She will feel that.


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