Close Quarter Combat tips?

If anyone has any tips on CQC it be great to hear them. Not fighting anyone. Just wanna have a few tips just incase.


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  • Learn Tai Chi Chuan (not that you'll be able to find anywhere that teaches properly) and after about 10 years you'll be pretty much invincible.

    or Jui Jitsu, or any other martial art. You're not going to get any sensible advice over an internet forum.

    Competence comes through repetition and to taught how to do the form properly, and simulating an attack situation.

    • Where would I go to learn this. And is it worth the ten years. I have no problem with the time cause if I could be an invincible 27 year old thatd be amazing

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    • I thought About joing just straight MMA. But its like those guys aren't really invincible and only fight once every couple months and they fight one guy at a time with MANY restrictions. wether theyre training that whole time or not. I wanna be able to take on 10 people at once and not have a doubt in my mind that in the end theyre the ones on the ground screaming in pain wishing they wouldve second guessed trying to fight me.

    • Well I'm no expert on this, you're best off seeing what's available in your area and use that as a starting point. Most people have had no instruction so if you've been doing MA for a while you can feel confident you're at an advantage. TCC is a bit funny, because you can basically brake someone's arm, or even kill them, with minimal effort, it takes little force or conditioning. However it takes a while to learn how to execute the move properly. Cheers for BA!

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  • Go for vulnerable areas, eyes, nose, throat, balls, knees.

    Sure karate and that stuff is nice, but if you are simply trying to get away from someone, one pop to the nose is all you really need. It hurts like crap and makes your eyes water, making it hard to see.

  • Be cheap, efficient, and precise. Don't "brawl" at them.

    Attack their weak spots with your strongest force. Especially if this is self defense. Balls, eyes, ears, solar plexus, nose, chin, neck, all vital areas that you can attack. However, never do so for play fighting. I will repeat, only attack such areas in self defense. The are very vulnerable and if attacked with enough force quickly, can guarantee incapacitation in a small amount of time.

  • Nobody is invincible, even unarmed and 1 on 1. In reality, if you train a full contact art, it would give you a big leg up on any single other person, but if 5 guys jump you someone pulls a gun, guess what, you're in trouble.

    • Yes that's right. One should be realistic. However I'm pretty sure my instructor could take on 5 men with ease. However most won't get to that level of expertise. A gun on the other hand :)

  • google it! if you're looking for some MGS style combat, you may wanna have a look at krav maga

  • any type of cqc is based on weight and gravity. its being able to be fluid, change your center of balance, while upsetting the other persons. lol. the only way to really practice this is to join a martial art =P


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