Have you ever had a conversation through eye contact

I can have a conversation through eye contact with really close friends but I've never had that with a guy I liked, well today I knew something had gone on with him and he entered the room, I didn't want to ask him outright Because other people might not have known what was happening and didn't want to blurt it out so I kinda stared at him and we made eye contact for a bit and then I kinda raised my eyebrows at him and he cottoned on and grinned and winked at me, is this a good thing?


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  • Yes.

    Though it doesn't mean anything more than you can relate to one another well.

    • yeah but that's a good thing, I'm not basing his feelings for me just on one encounter lol

    • lol. Glad to hear it ;).

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  • The best conversation you can have is not done using words :)

    Yes, it's a beautiful thing.


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