What would you do if you caught a guy looking? Girls, is this a sign?

well there's a girl, we have a past, I liked her for a bit a year or so back, and in a lesson the other day, she was showing one of her friends her bonds panties, and I happened to see, and the girl saw me looking at them, and I looked at her, she didn't say anything, she did a little smile, like barely noticable.

she didn't call me a perv or anything, just a tiny grin sort of look, but really small.

what do you think girls? does she like me? is there something there? was she just being friendly?

what would you do if you caught a guy looking?


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  • Her not saying anything to you might mean that she might have liked that you saw them. Her reaction of a little smile is probably her way of saying she is a little embarrased and that your kind of cute to her.

    • are you sure?

      also, she said that I'm a nice guy, sometimes. I asked her when am I mean and she didn't reply :s any thoughts?

    • Well if she says you are a nice guy she probably just likes you as a friend..for now

    • Okay, its just weird how she didn't even acuse me of being a perv or anything

  • If that were me, that just be friendly. It builds a friendship when you have a little shared 'secret'. And its fun if you're good friends with someone, and you can bring it up later!


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