British/English Girl style?

What do typical english or birtish people wear, what do they look like?


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  • Here are the typical british girl looks that I notice:

    The chav link although probably less bling

    The preps, Who only wear Jack wills and hollister

    The hipsters link

    Vintage link link

    The label crazy which includes the girls that wear/use a lot of LV, CC or shop in harrods, selfridges etc. think 'Made in Chelsea' or 'The only way is essex'

    Casual girls link link

    The emo/rocker/scene girls wear pretty much anything from david and goliath OR punkyfish OR gig shirts

    There are a lot more, but I couldn't find any typical images. You should just come and see, I've been to America the looks aren't that different we still follow the same trends.


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  • That's a hard question, I have no idea really because I never lived on England but I think you could get the trends on english Vogue and Elle... Also check


    I wonder if there is a specific english style... I am brazilian and I can't spot a brazilian anywhere just by the dress style quite funny because I couldn't spot brazilian guys as easy...

  • LOL, um normally I see them in UGGs, light colored leg warmers, a floral shirt, jeggings, a scarf and a military style jacket :) that's what my friends from England wear anyway, I don't think it's a specific style though ha ha :)

  • i didn't know there was a difference in clothes
    can you show me a pic of what you usually wear ? it would help a lot

    • well I just mostly wear hotpants and a top, or hoddies so quiet sporty. And the point of my question is that you look at someone and you can tell that she/he is english or german. So it's just a thing what I really hate 'cause I don't wanna be seen as a german girl 'cause I'm actually english. SO I think it's also a point of brands.

  • I wouldn't say our style is any different than Americans, at the moment.

    • well I'm actually livin' in Germany right now and just visiting some friends in the UK and it's like I have lost my english style... so I really need advice and may picts or something

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