Why are girls so hard to read?

So yes this is a whiny guy rant sorta, srry. Basically I always get such polarizing reactions from women that my confidence has started to suck over the past few weeks. Some days I have the confidence of Mr cool and other I have the confidence of Mr shy guy. I am a really cool person and I know it, laid back and really inteligent and none judgmental. But I just can't read the signals girls give off it makes my brain hurt, and confused. So basically what I am asking is am I a decent enough looking guy I mean I really don't know, I am very hard on myself so maybe that's it but ya. So girls if you want rate my pictures in my profile. Also I am in good shape, I don't work out but I do a lot of outdoor sports and work in construction(studying to be an engineer).


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  • Well just to tell you don't act too cocky girls find that a turn off. (you know a guy who says "im better than you, my vocabulary is awesome, I know I look sexy, etc.)

    and girls themselves are confused with being a girl cause well, half the time we don't know what we want so we make it harder on the guy.

    You will always wonder what girls are thinking and you won't know, we change our minds quickly. (its kinda annoying). So be your confident self and don't care what anyone else says! Just don't be cocky!

    • I don't try to be, I act confident. I know who I am and I don't rub it into peoples faces, they are them I am me. I am humble. Thanks for the repy though :)

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  • I'm not sure what you're looking for an answer on here lol. But maybe the girls you go after are just really immature.


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  • You look just like any other guy.

    And the reason why people have issues with "reading girls" in my opinion is that they try to read them as "girls" and not as "people": If you logically think through what others would think or feel in that definite scenario, you usually get the same result.

  • Your title is very misleading to the actual point of your question. Really you're just looking for some validation in your appearance.

    While most people do to some extent, you shouldn't tie your confidence so closely with your appearance or you'll always be worried you're not good enough.

    • Well my confidence as a person doesn't change, but my confidence in my appearance does, sorry I agree the title was misleading my mind is kinda scrambled right now.

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