Life is so painful and dull when you're an average looking girl living in this superficial world.

Let's face it, for women, beauty does make things quite easier on them plus gives them a more fulfilling life, especially when it comes to men or being socially popular.

For us average looking girls, we are constantly criticized and expected to take everything seriously in life and are expected to work much harder than the pretty girls and are only used by people for our intellect.

Some us may wonder if we will ever find boyfriends or even marry...

Attractive or beautiful girls will always something to fall back on

What are some of the hardships you've experienced thus far for being average looking and when did you actually realize you were just another average jane or joe in this world?
basically what I'm saying is that the confidence I get from feeling pretty might just be enough to give me a better quality of life, you're just more self satisfied with yourself and just that greatly impacts how you interact with others and how convincing you are to people
none of you guys are actually answering my question, if you read carefully...


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  • so essentially you kinda know what it feels like to be a guy, you may actually have to work for stuff...

    • i guess...?

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    • sure they do, all people work...pretty girls may have to work at maintaining their beauty (Dieting, exercise) and they probably have jobs related to the fashion they're not lazy people just sitting on their asses all day long at home.

    • but they could be...just marry some rich dude

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  • The pretty girls are only used for their beauty and the average girls are only used for their intellect. Oh the horror.

    • People don't take your opinions or considerations into mind if you're average looking... Its not convincing enough.

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    • Manipulation works wonders.

    • Update: Hmmm. Well, I think I make most of my 'hardships' myself. Who knows if I'm average or not.

  • What about average looking nice guys? -__-

  • It is no easier on average guys. You have 65% of women fighting over 35% of guys. Average women don't want an average guy. We either need looks or money to attract women. The average guy has neither.

    • The truth^ :\

    • Boy knows it.

    • @ update. You have pretty much summed up what it is like for average guys. Their is nothing for us to add. I have always known I was average.

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  • Sounds like song lyrics..

    F*** looks.

    A more fulfulling life? I don't think so. Superficial people, like those girls that have fake orange skin or putting on a fake persona socially. It's just blegh. That's not a life.

    Be real!

    I realized I was another average jane when I went through similar things as everyone else.

    You're healthy, as far as I know, you have the capability of being who you want to be, so just be.

  • you sound bitter and envious. not that attractive. life is only dull if you make it so.

  • I don't think looks have THAT much to do with it. It could be your attitude or the way you present yourself. That would make much more of an impact.

    I'm supposedly pretty, and I do get attention sometimes from average-looking guys, but it doesn't make life easier. I am a loner and now that I'm out of school, I have no friends. I'm just very nervous around people.

    • it's not that I get no attention from guys (I do in school, but not by the guys I want to be dating)'s just that my single status is bothering me so much, and was just thinking that maybe if I was blessed with a tiny bit more beauty, then finding guys to date would be no problem for me, and maybe I would have more confidence in myself to put myself out there a bit more and be more outgoing :(

    • the guys actually worth dating are the ones you're turning down. unfair I know, but you'd be better off in the long run. I speak from experience here.

      looks have nothing to do with confidence. as I said above, I don't have a lot of confidence. to get better self esteem, you have to have goals you're working toward and live your life based on your standards. just work on you, and before you know it, you will find someone.

  • Why do you make it look like everything evolves around appearence and beauty?

    • Most things do. Then there's power.

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    • well, guys hit on average girls as fact I've been hit on a couple of times a year...and how can you trust those people? they could be complimenting you just to make you feel better...

    • I know I'm pretty. Besides, what you think about yourself is all that matters. I know pretty girls who think they're ugly and others who are ugly think they're super pretty. It's the state of mind what matters. Please, don't seek people's approval. You can't please everyone.

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