I went shopping for my soldiers care package. Does this sound good?

So excited about my recent haul. I went shopping for my soldiers care package and think I have a good one. I bought all sorts of candy (hard and chewy), and drink mix to make little bags for everyone (since they all share). Also have bags of sunflower seeds and combos. And planning on baking some brownies and cookies (they were well recieved last time). Think this will go over well?
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  • think like a man, put a playboy magazine or some pics of yourself in lingerie or something xD

    • yeah he can get in trouble for that. surprising that everyone always says that but never unerstands it could get him in trouble or the package thrown out.

    • i didn't know there was anything wrong with that? stupid policy

    • its prohibited because of the religion of the area. anything sent to the middle east cannot have anything suggestive or certain spices. no vanilla or extracts in baked goods because of the "alcohol" and the list goes on

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What Guys Said 1

  • you are careful! but I think you should buy some Durex to your soldiers ,they needs too much

    • Yeah there is that no sex in a war zone thing. From what I hear you don't even get your pants up before you are on the plane home if caught...

    • so what ! maybe the Captain confiscated and use it own private

What Girls Said 1

  • I think is sounds great ! I think that they will love it :)


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