What's the best product for thick oily hair?

what's the best product for thick oily hair? oddly hair can have dry ends and it's also oily.

i condition every other day, I was every other day. I still hate my hair though, since it becomes oily. I don't want to overwash it.

what products do you guys use for oily hair and also thick hair? my hairs long as well.


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  • Shampoo only the roots, and condition only the ends.

    Shampoo dries out your hair (strips it of the natural oils) and conditioner makes it oily - so doing this should help.

    Get a treatment for your ends as well, and have them trimmed often.


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  • try a dry shampoo

    also, don't wash everyday, wash every other day

  • Dry shampoo and a brush.

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