What is it exactly that has millions so fascinated with Kim Kardashian anyway?

I will admit she is very attractive, pleasing to the eyes, but after watching several episodes of her family’s reality TV series, I find I would rather not date her, between her lying, high maintenance, drama, greed, self-centered, …and that’s just her, I won't list her family’s issues.

Not to mention this is her second marriage, and it seems she only dates Rich athletes only.

Never heard that she dated an average guy.

My question? What does she bring to the table when it comes to personality?


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  • I can see why men find her attractive. She is pretty, but I mean she has a whole team of people who make her who she is. Without them she would just be another girl. Plus she hasn't worked all that hard for what she has got, she had a sex tape. That sprung her into the spotlight. I used to like her, because I thought she brought something new and different into the spotlight. She wasn't a rail thin woman and I liked seeing something different in the media. But her personality and actions totally turned me off of her. She is a famewhore, look at her wedding :S I mean it's something that should be cherished, not publicized. I'm happy that two people have found love, but it just seems like this thing is getting overly publicized.

    Personality-wise, I don't think she brings much. She seems very high maintenance and that is hard to deal with. I agree with you on the drama, greed and being self-centred too. Everything is about her.

    And I have seen how some girls actually look up to her so bad, wanting to be just like her. Be yourselves ladies, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but it has gotten kind of ridiculous. Wealth isn't everything and neither are looks. There's so much more to life!


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  • Many men like her because she has many features that are desirable among many different types of preferances (men who like big boobs, men who like big butts, men who like the long hair, men who like tan skin that's not pale but not dark, yet men who like a flat stomach).

    Many women seem to be so interested in her because she has things that men like. I honestly think it's a bit ridiculous and pathetic when I see women trying to do make-up and hair tutorials on Youtube trying to look like Kim Kardashian. To the point where the girl could pass for her cousin or something. Like would you really want to be noticed by a guy just because you look like a girl who's only famous for spreading her legs on tape?

    I'm tired of hearing about her. I see people who work so hard every day and actually possess true talent and have things to contribute to society that are beneficial, yet this girl is rich and famous for showing up and looking good. She clearly can't bring all that much to the table when it comes to personality, look at how long it took her to find a man who would claim her as a wife and not just a trophy.

    • I want to add that many women probably look at her and see things they feel they lack and can't get so they have this strange admiration for her

    • Trophy type female - Men enjoy getting to show off such an attractive, accomplished female. and let everyone know that they won her. Out of all the competition, she chose them. Yet, they will not build their life around her for whatever reason. Maybe it's because they know deep down that she doesn't have all of the things they want in a wife and a mother.

      Wife - A man will build his life around this woman. He will share his life with her because he knows she will be a divine mother and wife.

    • Any girl with a pretty face can attract a lot of men, but it takes something bigger and more deeper to make him give his life to her.

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  • I don't find her attractive at all. As a guy, all my friends sayI'm weird, but that's what colors are made for I believe. I don't think she was attractive, till that sex tape of her leak, which she said she didn't know of. Yea, right. I don't find anything in her personality that makes me say, "oh she's attractive and smart. To me she seems more like a gold-digger, who tries to act classy. But then again that's my opinion, someone might give me a thumbs down, but oh well, that's what I think.

  • She doesn't look that nice to me, and she seems...dumb

  • Because that's what the television tells them to like.

    She's a skank with whom I'd have nothing to do.


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