Girls, if you see an attractive guy friend of yours going out with a nonattractive girl..

Would that make you notice him more? Would you feel more attractive to him? Would you think that he could do much better?

I mean physically unattractive that is.


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  • It would make me think that the guy doesn't really care about the physical appearance of the girl and that he truly cares about the girls personality and who she is as a person.


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  • Would that make you notice him more? No I'm not some petty oh shiny new toy girl

    Would you feel more attractive to him? No

    Would you think that he could do much better? Nope

    • In general what would you think of your guy friend that went out with this less attractive female?

    • Nothing.

      As long as she isn't a b*tch to me I don't care.

  • No, not at all. If I thought he could "do better" in the looks department then I would think the girl must have an awesome personality and I would want to befriend her.

    • Would it make you go 'awwww' for him going out with her? Since she might not get this opportunity often?

    • No. I mean, she got him (assuming because of her personality) so I'm sure she could get lots of attractive guys.

  • it would prove to me again that there are more important things than physical appearance.

    • It wouldn't make you feel more attracted to him though?

    • it would make me respect him more. but if we're just friends, I wouldn't suddenly start having feelings for him.

  • if she has a great personality then I wouldn't notice much , but if she lacks both then I'd feel sorry for him

  • And I would give a f*** because...

    • Because he's a friend of yours

    • Eh...I could care less about the girls is the personality of the girl that matters to me.

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