Do tired looking eyes and dark rings make a person look less attractive?

Do dark rings and tired looking eyes make a person unattractive to you?


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  • Yes.

    Makes them unattractive & it's a turn off

    • you have high standards I've noticed that a lot , looks aren't everything in life

      and I hope you give as much as you take :)

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    • ok stop trolling udolipixie she's just expresssing her honest opinion even if it is harsh or mean or troll-like lol I mean red racounteur was even more harsh then pixie and THAT-1 guy just flat out told what he thought so don't bag on her opinion when there's other people much worse

    • @SaveMeNot

      lol a girl on here who doesn't get offended by opinions? O.O

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  • No one looks especially appealing when they look like a zombie.

  • yea most of the time.

  • it can be genetic...and I don't think it looks unattractive at all :) I will alwas have a little more dark circles under my eyes then other girls my age but when I see a guy like that..I find it cute IF they can pull it off :D don't worry everyone has dark circles under their eyes (girls can cover it up though lol) :)


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