Creepy anons please?

I remember in Gaia Online, there was a thread called "Creepy anons" basically you just post creepy, cool, random, or cute little stories and messages but make them anonymous.

Anyone out there wanna give it a shot? Creep me out! =)
haha there we go, now it's getting somewhere. seems guys are better at creepin' than girls tho'. lol
Night all, Have fun creepin, I'll see what's happened tomorrow. ^-^

Try to follow the Best Answer's Example of story & Incorporating an individual. =)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hi I'm in your room right now looking through all your stuff... I might take a couple of stuff then hide under your bed so I can watch your wonderful sleeping... oh I should tell you I set up cameras all over your house and your car. I love the color! I bet your halo reach friends will hear about this. Hurried Praise, Dragon Blaze44, Epiclongshot, I might hack your profile too. then I can play on Allods too! Kurtosi is on my friends list... my name is Jeff by the way. your moms comming! have fun!


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  • O____O I used to go on there!

  • why, hello there.

    i'm perched in the tree outside your window, admiring the way your Adonis-like fingers type on your computer.

    you are so delicious, I can barely stand it.

    by the way, I'm a boy.

    well, actually, a man.

    rather, I'm a grandpa.

    you're so hot you make my denchers chatter *clickclickclick*

    won't you be my valentine, InAmberClad117? you know you want to...

    • Oh my goodness! Such skill! I want your naughty denchers all over me! XD

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    • lol I never would've guessed. now I can sleep.

    • ;)

  • I was never on Gaia (I know what it is, though) so I'm not sure how that thread works, but I'm going to treat this kinda like Post Secret.

    I imagine having sex with all my friends, male and female (not all at the same time), and I'm disappointed I can't because I have a boyfriend and it would ruin the friendships.

    • Kinda, Seriously, the grandpa one is arguably the best example so far. it's a storyesque, but also so creepy and incorporates the thread poster. =)

What Guys Said 7

  • i don't like being a creep but how about a racist joke? xP

    how do you know if a french man has been in your yard? A: your rubbish is gone and your dog is pregnant xP

  • Hello. I have looked all over the internet and found out that InAmberClad117 is your gamertag. You are currently a Mythic in Halo: Reach. Hard rank to get through, isn't it? In amber clad is off the halo soundtrack isn't it? Is it your favorite song out of the bunch?


    You've played 5,187 games in Halo 3. Do you have a life? Mabey you should come outside and play with me. We will have a good time.

    • hahaha Congrats! that's arguably the best creepin so far anyone's ever done of me. =D

      and nah, no life. ^-^ I don't really plan to get one soon, since I have more fun being a creeper. well, I suppose that's my life then. XD

      Heck yeah I'll come play with you ;) If you know what I mean..

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    • haha yeah. =P It's in Halo 2 also. )

    • Yeh I'm a big halo player too. Cortana detonated the core of the inamberclad to destroy high charity.

  • I imagine slipslender taking a huge dump on Sweetface27's chest all day.

  • Can I rape you QA? I raped just about all the other dudes from Vermont here. They had tight a**holes, but I got off on all of them pretty fast! Let's do this QA!

    • well I'm booked for the next three days.. how does Wednesday sound? let's say.. in the old orchard? XD

  • JOKES!

    a seal walked into a club...

    whats worse then finding a worm in your apple? A: the holocaust

    how do you confuse a blonde? A: Paint yourself green and throw forks at her

    hope you like :) <3

    • I think painting yourself green and throwing forks at people would confuse anyone, not just a blonde.

    • thats the joke :L

    • lol not quite, but those were very entertaining. XD thanks!

  • I love little boys cocks.

  • I like to p*ss in swimming pools and then watch little girls jump into them watching their bodies soak up all my piss.


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