Are touchy girls unattractive?

Alright so I'm a pretty girl. Although I might be considered touchy in America since I moved there :D I like being arm to arm with friends, cheek kiss, putting my head on people's shoulders, holding people, hugs... I'm a girl who is smiling and touchy. Lol. Although I felt like that made some guys turn off. Could that be possible? One guy friend told me that me being touchy and too close may keep this other guy from liking me.

So are happy and touchy girls unattractive?
  • No, they show love to everyone which means they are friendly.
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  • Yes. She should only be touchy and close with me!!!
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  • Yes. It makes her look easy.
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  • No, its all good. that doesn't tell me anything about her true personaliy.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • For be it kinda turns me on when a girl initiates some form of physical contact.

    • even just putting her hands around your back? And hugging? what about hugging every time she sees you, even though you guys aren't dating

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    • Haha that's exactly what I needed to hear. so you feel "high"... How else do you feel? like you never want to let her go? Are you a shy person in general towards girls who you like but intimidading

    • Usually if I like the girl too I'd be touchy touchy too.

      The feeling is like a drug its addicting aha

      I can't be coy towards the girls I really like

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What Guys Said 5

  • That would be a turn off for me. I don't want my girl putting her head on some other guys shoulder and cheek kissing him.

    • Why not? she just has a lot of love inside of her!

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    • Hmmm... interesting! so if a girl you like is like that, you would feel sad and give up on her?

    • I wouldn't say I'd give up on her unless she kept doing it after I made it clear that I didn't like it. It does come across as neglectful, because I would feel that I was being robbed of that affection.

  • As AltTech says, guys aren't too happy about their girls being too friendly and touchy with other guys. It makes guys worry how about faithful she is.

    By being touchy with everyone, it's very hard for a guy to know whether you're actually interested in them, or just looking for some fun.

    Being touchy and close isn't bad, but you'll really need to make yourself clear when you like a guy, and make him see he's special :)

    • Ahh I fail in that... I guess I want him to show me something first but that never happens either because guys I like are shy for the girls they like. :(

  • depends how touchy. If it's just arm to arm or stuff or hugging or even cheek kissing that's not so bad. Putting your head on others and whatnot or being intimate with just anyone seems kinda loose, but doesn't necessarily mean you are soo... I guess no in general, but there are limits.

  • I love touchy girls. But then again, I'm a touchy guy as well.

  • I don't think so. I love affectionate girls like that.


What Girls Said 1

  • Might not be a total turned off, but make him uncomfortable. maybe ask him "is this ok?" or bring it up, so he/she knows it's a culture thing. I would imagine it would be a turn on, though it shows you are very comfortable with yourself and your body so guys may get jealous. by the way I love that your that way and love your response "she just has a lot of love inside of her!" a relationship doesn't mean you own the person, if you are full of love and must share then he cannot stop that, but of course that means he trusts you with all of his heart that you would never cheat on him, you must have freedom and trust for a relationship to function. I wish Americans were more touchy! My Italian relatives kiss cheeks and the men hug and walk with their arms around each other.. and play fight and wrestle. We are so quick to judge and say they are "gay" :/

    • which they may be, but still closeness and intimacy is a scary thing for a lot of people... yet women bending over simulating anal sex for Facebook pictures is perfectly OK O.o

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