Signs when a guy senses you might like him?

i've spoken to him couple of times before but haven't seen him for like few months and saw again last Friday. the way he dressed really impressed me and we just had few words like twice that evening. he was sitting in front of me I couldn't take my eyes off him from time to time, and he would speak to his friend next to him but his eyes might've noticed that I was looking at him lol As soon as he looks my way from a distance, I kinda look at something else.

Could it be that he sensed that I might like him and he also feels the same way but nervous?


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  • Pruning his clothes (like picking of fluff) before he comes over, tilting his body towards you (mostly feet), leaning into you, making himself appear broader, opening his legs to draw attention to his crotch, touching you.

  • It could, yes. But on the other hand, so many guys are oblivious to non-verbal clues, so he could have just missed it.

    • what are the signs that a guy may show when he's interested?

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