Was he just looking for some action?

sorry this is kinda long.. but anyway I went to a party and immediately clicked with a guy (we'll call him bob). I ended up getting really sick (drank too much) and he took care of me when most guys are like ew she's sick I'm outta here blah blah he made me coffee and a toothbrush and clothes to wear and let me lay in his bed. we cuddled the whole night made out and just chilled I guess. he was really REALLY cute.. he asked for my number. he wouldn't let me go to sleep Because he had to work in the morning. I was laying on his chest and he kept kissing my forehead and saying I have such a cute nose and playing with my hair... he was also hella grabby..and was obviously horny.. but I guess most guys are..? we were joking around all night and it was perfect to me.. but what was it to him? I don't know so he was late for work the next day to take me home.. I texted him the next day and we barely talked and then he ended up not txting back.. he's not interested? also I forgot until after I texted him that it was his day to have his daughter...


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  • Probably interested. But doesn't know you well enough to really care. He probably wanted sole action, to be honest. Most guys do. Just text him one night and aak him to come over, then if you're down to give some head tell him you wanna thank him for taking care of you that night. :) haha, but make it really obvious that he'll get a bit of action.

    • lol ya know what I have nothin to lose so yea I should invite him over (: I mean I'm not dtf.. and I actually want to get to know him.. but I would do everything but sex lol

    • Just remember, just cause you guys hook in (in anyway) doesn't mean he'll always think less of you. Just make it to be more than just a blowjob, spend time together also. I don't know, watch a movie then halfway through start getting touchy?

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